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Toph attempted the lady finest, although not, to guard Appa out of getting taken by sandbenders

Pursuing the Hundred year Conflict, Toph Avatar, merely to register back-up using them whenever she read Appa traveling along the Beifong Metalbending Academy before the brand new skirmish from the Yu Dao. Due to the fact that he was deep in meditation with Roku, Aang failed to apparently instantaneously know she had returned; yet not, when they had arrived, he met their which have a hug just as Katara and you can Sokka got, an issue produced a bit difficult of the simple fact that he’d certainly outgrown Toph in the last 12 months (settled of the his twisting off and her standing on the tips away from this lady toes for the kiss).

Pursuing the conflict, Aang along with recommended Toph to consume produce very she would be “healhty” and you will a keen “desire so you’re able to earthbenders every where”, regardless if she just discovered a few meals are bearable. [27] [28]

In the stop of Yakone, Toph still called the Avatar by the nickname “Twinkle Base”, even after their issues that he is actually 40 years dated, that he reported to be “too old getting nicknames”. [29]

Toph disliked and you may dreadful flying, because made the woman truly blind and severed the girl link with the earth; at the best, she checked alternatively annoyed and restless while flying on the Appa. It was showcased whenever she advertised to own watched the latest titular library out-of Appa’s back, in order to prompt their family one she is actually blind. [30]

Toph shown hate towards Appa when she angrily pointed out that Appa’s losing kept a huge walk you to definitely allowed Azula to acquire her or him regardless of how much otherwise quick it flew. [16]

She are struggling to strive the lady most difficult, because the she are obsessed which have staying Aang, Katara, and you will Sokka’s simply log off regarding an old library of dropping to the sand, and this restricted this lady show. So it caused the lady in order to fail inside securing Appa, things she tearfully apologized on bison for less than her breathing as he are pulled away. [30] When Aang angrily lashed aside during the her to possess neglecting to manage Appa, she didn’t you will need to defend herself inside her common fashion and you may stayed hushed, proving one to she charged herself heavily to own losing Appa regardless of the facts having caused it to be impractical to save your self him.

Toph, and additionally anyone, are overjoyed observe Appa once again as he returned to brand new category within River Laogai. [31] Despite her chronic hate having flying, Toph cared more info on Appa into the afterwards episodes.


Toph harbored higher admiration and you can sympathy towards these types of pets. Whenever she is actually young, she went while on the move and you will fulfilled these types of icon earthbenders from inside rencontres uniquement pour sport the a cave. She accepted by herself included, given that she realized its loss of sight. They shown the lady affection too and finally instructed the woman earthbending, especially their unique way of feeling the land to-be able to see. The fresh badgermoles was in fact Toph’s real professionals and also for which reasoning, she displayed admiration while sharing her or him. [7]


Bolin had arrive at idolize Toph just like the discoverer of metalbending and one of the best earthbenders in history. Toph satisfied Bolin when she met up that have Lin and Opal on the mission in order to rescue with the rest of Suyin’s family members. Toph is suspicious from Bolin’s desperate emotions and designed a rather bad impression off your when she learned that he had once struggled to obtain Kuvira, especially for the lady granddaughter’s boyfriend. not, Toph performed start to warm up to Bolin in their excursion. Because they camped, she proclaimed that she may have instructed him so you’re able to metalbend from the the woman academy, even though Bolin was slightly embarassed out-of their failure to do very, Toph was amazed when he indicated that he could lavabend. A day later, it spent some time working in addition to Lin to help you conserve the fresh new Beifong members of the family. Towards the end of journey, Toph and you can Bolin had a friendly dating, but he might nonetheless bother their: Whenever Toph is actually claiming goodbye so you can this lady daughters, Bolin disrupted this new heartwarming second, and you can Toph wished the remainder of this lady nearest and dearest a safe journey back toward “gumflapper”. [1]