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exclusive (eks KLOO siv) adv. step one. reducing others; shutting away everybody else; dos. keeping out all but the individuals conveyed otherwise given; step 3. maybe not common; best right to; 4. snobbish • • • •

Exotic Hook’s beach is actually for brand new personal usage of someone called Exotic. The world club’s exclusive registration panel does not want to deal with a credit card applicatoin away from anybody whoever net worth was lower than $ten,100000,100000. [-ly adv., -ness n.]

exculpate (EKS kul payt) vt. step 1. to prove to be instead fault or guilt; dos. to claim is guiltless • Verifying Laura’s alibi supported so you’re able to exculpate this lady regarding the prospective fees. • This new DNA show got absolutely nothing to would with exculpating brand new dog when it comes to new disappearing sandwich. [-d, exculpating, exculpatory adj.] [Syn. absolve]

journey (eks KUR zhin) n. step one. a preliminary travels that have purpose to go back apparently in the future with the point off supply; a pleasure jaunt; 2. a round-trip with the a subway, airplane, etc., always that have specific terms, offered from the package cost; step three. a team delivering such a visit; 4. a digression in the main point, excursion, an such like. • The latest Community Range specializes in waterborne vacations within the isle regarding Manhattan. • A saturday night stand-more than and you will travel on the Monday or Thursday is usual standards out-of unique pricing to possess flight travels. • An adventure with the Pyramids is actually area of the Egyptian classification plan. • A-two-go out travel to help you Paris is actually an integral part of the London travels. excellent (such ZEM plir ee) adj. step one. (from analogy) a design; worthy of best hookup Wyoming replica; 2. providing because a warning; step 3. acting as an example, example, etc. • Roxane’s decisions in the eatery is exemplary. • New judge’s really serious abuse are an exemplary one to and offered due to the fact an alerts to prospective wrongdoers. • Charlie brought an exemplary brownie therefore the personalized baker do know what the guy wanted generated. [exemplarily adv., exemplariness letter.]

Short Remark #thirty-six Fulfill the keyword regarding column 2 to the keyword regarding column step one it means most nearly a similar thing. step one. facts

The new golf course is actually for the new private access to its players

exemplify (such ZEM pli FY) vt. 1. so you can act as an illustration; 2. to show from the analogy • Gloria’s decisions at solemn memorial service exemplifies in the correct manner to do something from the such as a conference. • Peter’s essay should exemplify exactly what Mrs. [exemplified, -ing]

exhibit (like ZIB it) vt. step one. showing otherwise display screen; dos. to start to personal see; 3. provide proof • Rhea shown the lady school visual on her mothers so you can respect. • This new Guggenheim range are shown every day into the a museum designed by Honest Lloyd Wright. • Lawrence is actually indicating a good deal of frustration to your vehicle clean up services. [-ed, -ing] [Syn. confirm, reveal]

lifestyle (such as for instance ZIST inches) letter. step one. condition of being; operate out of life style; dos. happening; occurrence; step 3. means of way of living • Considering DesCartes, a person’s lives has been proven because of the proven fact that one to thinks-at least I think it’s. • The presence of an effective circus in the Madison Square Yard is done obvious from the smells you to definitely meet with the noses out-of passersby. • Homeless persons live a really wretched lifestyle.

Jones is seeking within the a text statement

too much (for example ZAWR part int) adj. far beyond what exactly is realistic; immodest; excessive; fancy • Could you say that William Randolph Hearst resided a very higher lifetime from the San Simeon? • Particular (me personally included) envision $8 movie theater passes to get exorbitant. expect (eks PEKT) vt. step one. to look for otherwise look ahead to because the gonna happen or are available; dos. to search for since if it was in fact owed; 3. to suppose • Gadget, canine, sits by front door for every single nights on six:00 pregnant his grasp at any given time. • Immediately after retrieving this new customer’s automobile, brand new valet stored away their hand as if a great gratuity is actually requested. • Diane expects to possess a later part of the lunch following the movie theater. [-ed, -ing] [Syn. greeting, presume]